Diagnosing Learning Disabilities & ADHD

eDiagnostic Learning provides individualized, comprehensive assessments
to diagnose Learning Disabilities,
including Dyslexia and ADHD/ADD, through our ONLINE, face-to-face platform.

Our evaluations assess for:

  • Learning Disabilities: An Individual has a learning disability when they have average to above average ability but are struggling In one or more academic areas. Click Here for More Information
  • ADD/ADHD: Individuals with ADD/ADHD have a hard time paying attention especially when the task is boring or overwhelming and can often feel restless or act impulsively. Click Here for More Information
  • Dyslexia: A reading disability that causes difficulties understanding how sounds and letters come together to make a word. This often causes struggles with one’s ability to recognize and decode words, read fluently, and spell. Click Here for More Information
  • Dysgraphia: Difficulty with the skills that allow us to produce written work like handwriting, typing, and spelling.  Click Here for More Information
  • Dyscalculia: A specific learning disability in math that causes individuals to struggle with a variety of math concepts and skills. Click Here for More Information

Working through the evaluations together

Administered through a face to face, online platform, our comprehensive assessments can range from 2-4 hours depending on the age and pace of the individual. The client and the examiner work through a variety of interactive tasks that allow us to gain insight into how the client learns and processes information.  There are a handful of tasks that the client performs independently with the guidance and monitoring of the examiner.  With our comprehensive online assessment, we look closely at an individual’s skills in areas such as verbal, reasoning, memory, visual, auditory, reading, math and more. The thoroughness of this process allows us to uncover any difficulties that act as a barrier to everyday success in school, work, and in life.

What happens next? 

The parent or adult client will meet with one of our directors within 7-10 days of the assessment appointment to review the written report, which will detail the results and include relevant recommendations for school, work, and everyday life.  Our goal is to ensure that each client has a solid understanding of the assessment results and a road map for success moving forward.

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