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Adult Dysgraphia Testing

eDiagnostic Learning offers specific online evaluations to assess for dysgraphia.

In addition, we will use the assessment information to make relevant recommendations for both work and home.

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects fine motor skills like handwriting, buttoning a shirt, or cutting food.

It also impacts the mental processes associated with writing, like picking a topic, organizing ideas, and making a coherent point.

Many adults who have struggled with writing all of their life have devised strategies to compensate or to avoid writing altogether. Symptoms of dysgraphia in adults might look like:

  • Highly illegible handwriting, often to the point that even you can’t read what you wrote
  • Struggles with cutting food, doing puzzles, or manipulating small objects by hand
  • Uses a pen grip that is “strange” or “awkward”
  • Slow to understand the rules of games or follow sequential directions
  • Trouble reading maps
  • Difficulty drawing, tracing, or painting
  • Avoids writing whenever possible; prefers a digital grocery list to a written one, for instance
  • Makes spelling errors in simple notes
  • May also dislike texting and have trouble with typing
  • When using spell-check on a computer, often has difficulty picking out the correct word from a list of similar word
  • Trouble filling in routine forms by hand, particularly if they require fitting words into set boxes
  • Mixes lowercase and uppercase letters, or print and cursive letters, seemingly randomly
  • Often leaves out individual letters or the ends of words, particularly when writing quickly
  • Experiences hand cramps or pain when writing
  • Often uses grammatically incorrect sentences in emails or reports
  • Able to explain self clearly when speaking, but not when writing

Dysgraphia is a brain-based disorder, and it can be improved with accommodations and, in some cases, occupational therapy.

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