Diagnosing Learning Disabilities & ADHD

After the Evaluation (Adult)

We believe that all the best testing in the world is useless if no one really understands what they can do with it.

As part of our services, we offer an online follow up to review the assessment results usually within 7-10 days of the evaluation.

A copy of the assessment report will be sent at least 24 hours prior to the online follow up in order to give everyone a chance to review it and formulate any questions that may arise.

For college students, the results of the assessment are explained in detail to the student and parents when appropriate.

At this age, it is very important for the student to have a good understanding of their own learning challenges as they are the ones that will have to advocate for what they need.
We will review the process for requesting accommodations and supports through their college or university and assist with any of the necessary paperwork.
We will also discuss if there are any supports or therapies outside of school that may be helpful.

For adults, the results of the assessment are explained in detail during the online follow up conference.

We want to ensure that the individual has a good understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and how these impact them in day to day activities and at work.

We will also discuss different treatment options as well as any other types of services or supports that may be helpful and how best to access those.

If they will be seeking accommodations on any type of standardized testing or licensing exams, we will assist them with the paperwork required for that process.