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Testing for Dyslexia

eDiagnostic Learning offers comprehensive online evaluations that can diagnose dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a reading disorder that causes difficulties with understanding how sounds and letters come together to make a word.  This often causes struggles with accurate and/or fluent word recognition, sounding out of unfamiliar words, reading fluency, and spelling.  Dyslexia is NOT letter and number reversals, writing or reading backwards, or the words moving on the page.

With dyslexia, a person has received adequate instruction but has significant difficulties in reading, writing, and spelling.

Reading difficulties experienced by an individual with dyslexia are unexpected in relation to other their other abilities.

Primary Characteristics of Dyslexia

  • Difficulty accurately decoding unfamiliar words
  • Difficulty with oral reading (slow, inaccurate, or labored)
  • Difficulty spelling
  • Difficulty reading words in isolation
  • Math skills in the average range
  • Difficulty with written composition
  • Family history of similar problems
  • Difficulty learning the names of the letters and their associated sounds.

In addition, we will use the assessment information to makes relevant recommendations for school, work, and everyday life.

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