Diagnosing Learning Disabilities & ADHD

Online Evaluation Process (Adult)

All learning assessment appointments are scheduled through our office by calling 833-383-7882.

After the appointment has been scheduled, an appointment confirmation email will be sent with instructions for the video conference

We also will include a link to our online background form.
This provides the examiner additional information, enabling us to understand specific areas of concern and a little bit about the individual’s interests and personality.

A packet of testing materials will also be sent via FedEx.
Once received, these materials are not to be opened until the online assessment has started and only in view of the examiner to avoid any question of validity.

In order for the online assessment to be successful, it is important that the examinee have the following:

  • Access to stable internet service
  • A computer with a video camera/microphone (best option is a headset with a microphone attached)
  • A quiet place to work with no distractions or interruptions
  • 2-3 pencils/scratch paper available

The assessment can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of evaluation and the age and pace of the individual.
Once the evaluation is completed, a second appointment will be scheduled within 7-10 days to review the results and discuss recommendations.


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